laptop with somone trying to create a digital coin

Is Creating Your Own Cryptocurrency as Easy as 1-2-3?

Before you start creating your own cryptocurrency, it is important to know why you’re making one in the first place. While the technical aspects of cryptocurrency creation is easy, it …

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Top 3 Mistakes Cryptocurrency Investors Make

Top 3 Mistakes Cryptocurrency Investors Make

Mistakes are learning opportunities. According to the fourth richest person in the world, Warren Buffett, learning from one’s mistakes is good. But, he adds, learning from other people’s mistakes is …

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Crypto Logos on market crash backgroung

Top 3 Factors That Affect the Fall and Rise of a Cryptocurrency’s Price

It is easier to predict next week’s weather than it is to guess the price of cryptocurrencies. While advanced scientific tools are available to accurately assess a storm’s possible path, …

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Jesus face on a coin

Do religion and cryptocurrency go together?

Is religion and cryptocurrency similar to oil and water? Is it true that never the twain shall meet? The answer would depend on which religion you’d ask. Christianity – the …

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picture of the 3 richest crypto billionaires

Meet Three of Cryptocurrency’s Richest People

Cryptocurrency has made millionaires and billionaires out of once struggling or unknown businessmen. Forbes listed 19 men who made it big by investing in or engaging with digital currencies or …

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bank with connected dots on it

3 Big Banks Building Their Own Cryptocurrency

The evolution of digital currency seems to follow the way physical currency was born. Back when gold was used to make payments, the burden of transporting them paved the way …

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shot of HoweyCoins landing page

How Not to Be Scammed – the SEC Way

Head over to and read up on its nine-page white paper. Plus, check out its streamlined website design, and you will highly likely be impressed with the solid details …

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three people walking and looking at their cell phones

Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency – Possible or Impossible?

The mass adoption of cryptocurrency is seemingly inevitable given the recent onslaught of news highlighting its potential legitimacy. Digital media website Mashable reported on the launch of four products that …

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Should You Trust Facebook’s Own Cryptocurrency?

Facebook has reportedly created a new block chain division with the intent to “explore how to best leverage Blockchain across Facebook, starting from scratch.” The new team is being led …

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cryptocurrency logos falling into piggybank

Top 3 Crazy Cryptocurrencies You Never Knew Existed – Until Now

While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin are currently popular, there are digital currencies that have popped up which you might have not heard of, and which you might not …

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